This season, even though early season snowfall was poor, the Courchevel Family Park shaping team have done an excellent job setting up and maintaining the park.

At the entrance to the park you can choose to race down the fun race track on the right which leads down to the airbags or enter left towards the boxes and kickers. The left-hand kicker line has been effected by the low snowfall, usually there is a line of 4 blue kickers, this year there’s two red kickers and the bottom two tables are unused at the moment. The red kickers are a welcome addition to the park and are pretty much the biggest jumps the Family Park have seen. Leading on from the Red kickers is a right-hand C-box, rainbow box and a long, flat-down box.

The mainline through the park is the box line, with around 16 features in total, usually in banks of two. It is possible to hit around 8 boxes in the full line, with a variety of shapes, sizes and level of difficulty. The is also a beginners area just after the shapers hut halfway through the park.

This year has seen an additional airbag added to the park. This means there’s a dedicated large airbag for skiers and snowboarders and also a dedicated, smaller airbag for the rubber rings. Just beyond the end of the Family Park is the Wood Park. This park used to be positioned just below Courchevel 1850, on the way to 1550, but it has now been moved up the hill, just below the Family Park. This means that after the park, and before the drag lift, you can hit 3 more wide box features.

Take a look at the gallery below to get a better idea of what to expect if you are visiting Courchevel this March/April. If you need some help or guidance through the park then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at RTM Snowboarding.[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]

  • Overview of Family Park Courchevel
  • Down boxes Family Park Courchevel
  • Wall Ride Family Park Courchevel
  • Red kicker Family Park Courchevel
  • Flat-down boxes Courchevel Family Park
  • Green jumps Courchevel Family Park
  • Airbags Family Park Courchevel
  • Wood Park at the exit of the Courchevel Family Park