The start of the 2014/15 season started with poor snowfall so this season the DC Area 43 Park crew have had to work extra hard to get everything built. Below is a gallery of some of the park features you can expect if you visit Meribel this winter.

The DC Area 43 Park is home to one of the best half pipes in France, if not the best. The Superpipe is cut regularly and due to its aspect and altitude the walls stay in great shape all day. As well the Superpipe there is a small halfpipe lower down the park.

After the Superpipe the park leads on to the main section. From here you can choose the box line or the intermediate line which is where you’ll find a row of 5 blue and red jumps in a row. The box line contains boxes of all shapes and sizes from beginner, wide, short boxes to intermediate narrower boxes of all shapes and sizes. After the kicker line you continue down to the mini halfpipe or cut right to the pro and black kicker lines. The kickers range in size with the biggest around 15m-20m from take-off to sweet spot. Also contained with the black line is a series of metal, cylindrical rails with several kink variations.

After either the mini pipe or the Pro/black lines you find yourself at the bottom section of the park which consists of three boxes of different shapes. I have taken several photos of the park which you can find in the gallery below. There’s only a handful of features less than last year, but considering the poor snowfall this season the park crew have done a great job. The DC Park is a more advance park but it still has a selection of features for novice park riders, including a series of rollers to practice airs and spins off.

Take a look at the gallery. Hope to see you out here soon.[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]

  • Superpipe Meribel DC Area 43
  • DC Area 43 Overview
  • Top Section of DC Area 43 Park Meribel
  • DC Area 43
  • Black and Pro Kickers DC Area 43 Meribel
  • Pro line DC Area 43 Meribel
  • Donkey Rail DC Area 43 Meribel
  • Mini Halfpipe DC Area 43 Meribel
  • Box Section DC Area 43 Meribel